Noriko part 3: painting


Today we’re going to paint our inked sketch. First let’s take a look at the setup:

We have:

  • A big box of small Amsterdam colors
  • A disposable palette and some brushes
  • Water and tissues
  • Small watercolor sketchbook for trying out colors


I started with the red color on the uniform. None of my reds were the right color so I mixed it with a bit of yellow to get closer to the color in the image.

You can see the results below.

Next up was skin, clothes and machinery:

Next step, adding some shadow parts and doing a 2 layers for the hair; one light, almost pink color and a darker brown.

Finally, Add some dark highlights to the hair and adding a bit of background. The background colors don’t make the character stand out as much, but we can probably fix that in our next and last part: re-inking our lines.

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