Noriko part 4: finished


In this last part we’re going to re-ink the picture and fix some color issues.

I used these fineliners:

Correcting shadows

Some shadowy parts of the clothing were missing, also I wasn’t satisfied with the color. Below you can see what I fixed:


In part 2 we applied some ink to the sketch; after the painting these lines have become dull and need some touching-up. When we apply new ink, we also make lines thicker where they meet, to liven up the image a little. See an example below:

Finished image

Finally, the work is complete. I removed some parts of the canvas to the right and bottom to center the image a bit.

The upper line of the left leg is a bit too curvy, and the colors of the machinery could be darker/greyer but all in all I’m pretty satisfied with how it turned out.

For reference, here’s the original screenshot:

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