The Curse of Monkey Island – Quicksand part 1: sketch


With The Curse of Monkey Island being released on Steam recently, I thought it would be fun to draw a classic scene from the game.

The quicksand scene is where Guybrush Threepwood finds himself slowly drowing in quicksand, while being surrounded by a bunch of seemingly useless items (and helpful information by the ‘Plunder Island Naturalist Society’)..


I started off with a rough sketch, using no grids or other layout tools like I used in previous drawings. The rough sketch established the main character and the large areas surrounding him, the big tree in the back, tree on the left and so on.

The next step was to sketch the image in more details:

One fun detail are the hands of Guybrush: in close-up they look pretty terrible, so I tried making them a bit more refined in my sketch:

The left hand should be a bit larger, I’ll probably sketch that again before going to the next part: inking.

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