Noriko part 2: inking


Today we’re going to ink (or use fine-liners actually).

I used a 0.3 point fineliner for the main part of the image, and a 0.1 point for the face and eyes.

First off, here’s everything inked except the face:

Facial surgery

Now, I wasn’t quite happy with the face yet, it seems as if the mouth is a bit too low and the eyes should be farther apart. To test this theory, I overlayed a paper over the original screenshot and did a comparison:

Also, because the screenshot isn’t very sharp, I compared closeups of the eyes to get a feeling for what parts to pay attention to:

Based on this little study I redid the face..while I think it’s an improvement, I’m not 100% happy with it yet, but good enough for this time.


Here’s the inked version complete:

Now, all that is left to do is to erase out grid/pencil sketch to clean it up. This will leave us with the final version which we’ll paint in the next part!


After finishing work, it’s fun to take a step back and see what you missed or screwed up. I’ve marked the things I noticed in the image below; at least the not-completely extending line is easy to fix (click image to enlarge it).

Noriko part 1: sketch


Welcome to! Here I will draw/paint anime- and game-related pictures, with probably some tutorials as well.

For my first project I’m going to paint a screenshot that has been on my todo-list for a long time: Noriko from Gunbuster sitting in the cockpit.

This screenshot is taken from the second Gunbuster DVD. There are quite some tricky parts to this image: the machinery in the background has lots of circles and shadowy parts, and the perspective is slightly skewed, with the legs being more in the foreground.

Preparing a canvas

First off, here’s my setup: a laptop and a watercolor drawingbook:

Now to begin, we first take our screenshot and overlay it with a grid (you can find the grid file in the tools menu). This will help a lot with getting the proportions right.

The gridded image in Photoshop:

There’s about 5×4 rectangles in that image. Our paper is sized 40×30 cm, so with some quick calculations I’ve set the on paper square to 6,5 cm.  For the drawing of the lines I use a 2H pencil, which keeps the lines thin and clear.


With a grid in place we can start sketching..making sure we only do a rough sketch for the proportions and don’t delve into all the details yet. I used a HB pencil to give the lines a bit more depth and make them stand out more compared to out grid:

When that is done, we start sketching in detail..the end result is this:

In the next part, we’ll start inking..