Trying out a canvas

So I had this small canvas lying around that I bought a while ago for maybe 3 EUR. I figured I’d try a sketch/painting on it and see how it worked.

I picked a Bubblegum Crisis screenshot to start working on.

Turns out this canvas wasn’t very suitable for sketching, as it’s a nightmare to erase pencil sketches on it. You can see below the result of some sketching, with previous lines still being pretty clearly visible.

The left eye was a bit too high but I managed to fix that once I started the inking. Fineliners didn’t catch on too well on the canvas, so I picked some ink with crownpen..the thicker lines were a tad easier to apply.

I used some more ink to fill the really dark areas, but acrylic paint didn’t catch on very well; maybe because it’s a really cheap canvas. Another side-effect of the old pencilsketch markings not being erased very well is that they mix with the waterpaint, adding ugly dark blurry effects to the colors.

For now I’ve decided to stop working on the pic and do a new Bubblegum Crisis project on some proper acrylic paper some time later. You can see the last step of the test below:

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