Ghost in the Shell – Creating a Cyborg part 3: paint and finish

I finally added some paint to my Ghost in the Shell sketch, and decided to finish it in one evening:

The color came out pretty nicely, with lots of white mixed with some greyish blue and orange. Then added some more pinkish/reddish color for the muscles and cables.

The last touches are filling the background with black ink, and redoing some lines. Some of the lines in the face could have stayed more subdued, next time I’ll only make thicker outlines.

Now all that is left is to color the digital version, but I’ll probably start a new project first =)

Ghost in the Shell – Creating a Cyborg part 2: ink and scan

I inked the Ghost in the Shell sketch I did in part 1, and also scanned it to try out some digital can see both of them below:

I scanned the image in 300dpi, which should give a good enough resolution to use to image for small prints if it turns out nicely..I’ll probably experiment with some different color schemes on the digital version before painting the inked paper sketch.

First digital drawing: Mechwarrior 2

One of my favorite games for DOS back in the day was Mechwarrior had a great soundtrack and also a kickass bigbox cover:

bixbox cover mechwarrior 2

One of my goals is to make a t-shirt or poster out of this design, so I tried tracing the image, rebuilding it in Paint Studio:

For the explosion in the background I created a custom brush (you can still see the straight lines in the background of the image I used). Now this was a fun proof-of-concept, so the next goal is to do this again but in a (much) higher resolution. The end result should be usable for print etc.